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Why You Need A London Tantric Massage

If you are not familiar with tantric massages then let me direct you to the Tantric Sirens website, they are one of the most popular London tantric massage parlours at the minute and with various incredibly attractive girls working there it is not hard to see why. If you are sat there wondering what is tantric massage, it is a form erotic massage than consists of several different techniques. The various different techniques include body to body,  lingam massage and the prostate massage all with one aim and that is to relieve any stress that you may have, or in many cases not even know that is there. Below is Kara, on of the masseuses at Tantric as you can see she is extremely attractive and a very experienced masseuse with excellent technique.

Kara 1 Kara 2

The various different techniques of massage are pretty self explanatory, but I will go over them to clear up any confusions. Body to body massage is where the masseuse such as Kara above is completely undressed, as are you and they use various parts of there body to massage various parts of your body, this is a completely amazing and unique experience which can only be achieved by visiting a tantric massage London parlour. Next up is lingam, this is one of the most important parts of tantra and is where the man’s genital area is massaged with warm scented oils until climax, although climax may happen the aim is for the man not to climax with the goal of training to control those urges. Finally is the prostate massage, this is similar to the previous technique but is intended to provoke a warm amazing feeling for the man, one that he didn’t even know existed.

As you can probably imagine there are many benefits of going for a tantric massage London, but one that you may not have though about is the benefit it has on you sexual performance. Many men say that after several massages, they have not only been able to go for longer but they have seen a dramatic improvement to their performance in the bedroom.