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What is your favorite sex time?

What is your favorite sex time? When do you use them? How do you clean them? Do they make your sexy life any better?

These are the questions that we asked a group of very sexy escorts from http://www.diorescorts.com and here are the answers we got;



loves a strap on, she said that it gives her power and loves to feel a man or woman on the end of it with her banging away. She has brought a few strap on’s over the years; some are really big and some not so. Of course the really big ones are for the more experienced people. Claudia has used strapon’s on both men and woman and doesn’t mind either. She takes a great joy in it and loves it when a man gets on his knees to suck her “cock”

Monica –


she loves anal beads, the bigger the better and her bum can take whatever you throw at her, she just enjoys being naughty, even when she is not working she will happily break out the anal beads and have a little fun with her girlfriend Raisa, another sexy blonde. Monica normally buys her sex toy off the Internet and just loves it when the postman turns up, he, of course, knows that she is a London escort, she once blow him through the letter box to make sure she was the first person in the road to get their delivery.



thought that she would pipe up when best to use them, she doesn’t mind any time – Alex is one very naughty blonde who you will find living in Gloucester Road, she could just be at home and BANG!!!! She gets horny, nows its either demolish the next client who walks through the door and probably wear him out or have a little play – just to get herself in the mood. First she will start off with a little vibrator and then move on to something a little larger, she and her flat mate Cassie have been known to enjoy the use of a double ended dildo.

The girls all have different ways of cleaning their toys, some use the dish washer, some use the bath, one thing that they all have in common is they get washed after each and every use, I couldn’t think of any other way. Remember that when using toys you should always be safe and still use protection, especially if you are going to sharing toys like these very open minded escorts