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Things to Do in London

London offers some of the most unique experiences any city can boast to. It may not seem like it in its exterior but there is so much more to the city 1471603208_staff_543_57b6e20889996than the usual big red bus tours and spending the 10 seconds looking at the Big Ben. Of course all these things are alright but if you have gone to London before or even live here those things are simply a check off a list of ‘must-dos’ and when it’s over you might feel that the city is just like any other… well here’s a small list of things that might help you change your mind about The Smoke:

  • Dinner at the Twits. Of course if you know the work of Roald Dahl then you might have heard of The Twits, but if you haven’t then not to worry because having a dinner with them will still be something you’ll remember for years to come. Sure, a theatrical dining experience might sound crazy and that’s because it is, indeed, a bit wild. This one in particular is quite spooky and yet enjoyable. The food is great and the booze is a-plenty so this might be a wonderful plan to try this month just around Halloween.
  • If you have kids or you are one of those people who enjoys the zoo as much as a child might then staying a night at the Gir Lion Lodge might be quite the experience. This Lodge is located right in the middle (or right next to) the zoo’s lion exhibit and during the night you can fall asleep right next to the animals (safely behind glass, of course).
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