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Tantra for Chronic Pain

When people have to deal with chronic pain tantric massages (available from agencies like Tantric Dolls, which can be found at 1489426861_staff_615_58c6d9adb18bahttp://www.tantricdolls.com) can be a relief not only physically but also mentally. There are plenty of articles detailing exactly how tantric massages help you deal with pain in a scientific way. There are plenty of names of hormones and chemical balances that happen when a tantric massage takes place but instead of that we want to discuss why it’s such a relief in your mind to have a tantric massage to deal with pains and aches.

Of course it’d be easy to say that tantric massages pose a distraction from the pain and that is a big component of it. When you’re having a tantric massage your mind does indeed g somewhere different than the cell of pain you’ve been put in. This isn’t just limited to physical pain either as Tantric massages can be a great way to deal with loss, anger, sadness and a plethora of other negative emotions by simply giving you the time to enjoy the moment. Your masseuse’s warm embrace also helps you feel anchored and safe and her teachings of breathing and pleasure spots will keep your mind occupied and help you deal with your physical or mental issues.

There is also the fact you will be reconciliating with your body and not treating it as an enemy. Sure you might be hurting but in the end you have to live your life in your body and feeling pleasure through it instead of pain will help you remember you two are allies and not foes. Your masseuse’s presence, the fact she’s working so hard on making you feel good also helps your self-esteem. Seeing her smile, her eyes as they watch you breathe and enjoy yourself will remind you that no matter what you’ve still got something in you others want and that they will take the time to get.

In the end Tantric massages help you in so many ways but just the fact that they’re so personal and intimate brings out a new dimension of relaxation that when coupled with sensual pleasure can be simply divine in healing.