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Restaurants in London

If you’re in London and looking for an amazing place to get some great food, then you’re in luck, as in this article I’m going to be explaining which restaurants, in my opinion, are the best in London. All of these restaurants are some of my personal favourites for various reasons and many of them are even great for a dinner date booking with a London escort. Of course you may have a favourite that I’ve missed or something along the lines, in which case I apologize in advance for missing these out.

One of the Best French Restaurants in London

One of my definite favourites is a small French restaurant in Kensington by the name of Chez Patrick. The owner, Patrick is definitely one of the nicest blokes I’ve met in a long time and he’s always happy to keep you entertained with some great stories which really adds to the great atmosphere that this place already has. There are many more reasons why I like this place however, for example, the desserts offered here are utterly amazing and you will struggle to find anywhere better for those with a sweet tooth regardless of where you try.

Romance and Dinner

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The Five Fields is next on my list, a restaurant offering nothing short of impeccable service and world class food and drink which makes this one of the best restaurants that London has to offer in my opinion. The value for money makes a meal here an absolute steal too, the food is so reasonably priced considering the indescribable flavour and incredible romantic atmosphere. I would highly recommend The Five Fields as it is certainly one of the best that London has to offer.

A Famous Chef and a Famous Restaurant

Of course, no blog post about restaurants in London would be complete without mentioning the Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, owned by world famous chef and television star Gordon Ramsay. This restaurant absolutely does not fall short of what you would expect and the food is utterly astonishing, prepared by true master chefs, they offer large and very filling portions which are served by staff that dedicate their time into making sure you get nothing short of perfect service.