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Places You Should, or Should Not Take an Escort to.

When you’re booking an escort it’s always a good idea to think about where to book one from, however you really have to be careful as some of the locations you might choose are really pointless to ask about because of the fact that no escort is realistically going to want to go there. If you are planning to book in the near future, the advice in this article is absolutely essential and you really need to take the simple Do’s and Don’ts and keep to them at all costs if you hope for a positive experience.

First, we’ll go over some great examples of places where you should take your escort, anywhere from homes to hotels are always the best best, you need to choose somewhere where the girl is going to feel safe and for this reason, when you book a girl from a London Escort Directory, or anywhere else for that matter, you’ve always got to be careful that your chosen location is safe, tidy and comfortable in order to make the experience perfect. Get the perfect experience by booking any of the girls listed on London Punt: http://www.londonpunt.co.uk.

However there are a lot of examples of terrible places to take a girl too, for example, never ask her to book in a public toilet or in a classroom. I have also read about girls being asked to go to warehouses or caravans in a field somewhere which is obviously a terrible idea and these sort of locations are likely to
be declined, which is obviously an awkward scenario. You should always try to avoid areas such as these so that you don’t ruin the night before it even begins, just put yourself in the girl’s shoes and you will be able to get a good idea of what I’m trying to say. You’ve always got to be considerate of your escort, she’s not just some object that will bend to your will.