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Knightsbridge or bust: Why go anywhere else?

Indeed, why bother? Our Knightsbridge escorts would tell you the same, but perhaps you need some further food for thought? We’re going to tell you what’s hot in Knightsbridge on the off chance you may not have tried it yet…

Beautiful, charming and deliciously upmarket. And that’s just the Knightsbridge escorts of course! No, seriously for a moment. Knightsbridge is one of the classiest and most stylish places to be and be seen in London today and we urge you to try some of these places. London escorts from all over the city adore them and we know you will too.

  • Koffmann’s – The Berkeley, Wilton Place. Where else would you get a great restaurant than in Knightsbridge? Not least important about this place is the fact that it’s housed in The Berkeley Hotel; one of the finest in London. However, for all the grandeur of The Berkeley, Koffmann’s manages to keep quite an informal dining atmosphere. It’s French cuisine here. Whilst we realise that everyone seems to be banging on about French food in London, Koffmann’s is very good indeed, and it’s not pretentious, unlike a number of other restaurants in London. To fully appreciate the food, we would urge you to go and try it.
  • Mari Vanna – 116 Knightsbridge. We love Mari Vanna! Knightsbridge escorts, especially the Russians, flock to this place, whether they’re with a date or with friends. It’s because it’s so wonderfully the best of both worlds. It’s very classy indeed, but at the same time, very informal and comfortable. We would put this down to their exquisite taste in old style Russian décor and music, and the wonderful waiting staff. The food is quintessentially Russian, and those Russians eat very well indeed if this is anything to go by!
  • Chisou. 31 Beauchamp Place. For Japanese cuisine, many would opt for Nobu, including our Knightsbridge escorts. But since so many of them have discovered this place they’re absolutely torn between which to go to now! It’s the traditional and minimalistic style of Chisou in our opinion. When you compare it to Nobu, they’re like two different places; the latter be really rather grand and plush. The food at Chisou is astonishingly good. They specialise in sushi and they do it very well indeed. In fact once you’ve tried theirs, you’ll be reluctant to go anywhere else.

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