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How to not get caught booking London escorts

Booking an escort is a rather lucrative experience and is normally looked at in a bad light as its not a normal thing. Well if you didn’t realise a number of people book escorts everyday and one thing they have to do is find new ways of keeping it a secret so friends and family don’t find out about it. We have a few tips here for those of you who want to keep it a secret keep it secret.

First off if you are going to be using a laptop, tablet or desktop to help you find an escort then we highly recommend that you use incognito mode which comes standard in your google chrome installation. You can access this by either pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N or you can go to chrome’s menu and selecting the New Incognito window option. The way incognito works is it filters all of your searches and makes sure they do not show in your history. This is great if you are using a shared computer.

If you are going to be using your phone to make your booking then there a number of things you can do to ensure you plan the perfect booking for you.If you are going to be calling make sure that you delete your call history or alternatively you can just delete the single call history of making this booking.

If you are going to be texting your companion then we recommend that you use a third party messaging app which can be easily wiped as a number of smart phones actually save deleted texts so when you receive a new text they will all show up. A very popular one is WhatsApp, this is a free messaging service which is great for people looking to keep some texts a secret.

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