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Have you Ever booked a London Escort?

I have been asking around my friends recently ‘have you ever booked an escort?’ and I have to say I have been pretty surprised with the outcome of mu little survey. In short, I have been very surprised as to who as well as how many of close friends have actually booked and I have been totally unaware of it up to now! Personally I book quite often from a great agency I have found called International Bunnies, they have some of the hottest London escorts on their site at the minute and I must say I am transfixed! Not only are the companions amazing, but so is the service, all of the reception staff are really helpful and kind and it is super easy to book, you can either do it through the website or just give them a call.

Anyway back to my survey! The thing that actually surprised me the most wasn’t actually the how many people had booked, but out of the people who hadn’t, when I asked why not they replied with either they where to nervous but really wanted to or they hadn’t really thought about it but they now really want to! So either all my friends are addicted to London escorts, which I couldn’t really blame them for, I mean have you seen these girls, or the whole of the male British population are obsessed by escorts!

Now unfortunately I don’t have the resources to carry out a nation wide survey of who has booked and if I did, I would be unsure as to how many people would reply honestly.  So this is where I run into a barrier and need your help! If you have booked a sexy London escort before then just give this article a quick like and I will tot up the results and publish my findings.