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Four Hand Massage

One of the most common massages that men are curious about when they’re thinking of tantric massages from Minx Massage is the famous four hand 1470954946_staff_140_57acfdc2ee39emassage. During this massage you will have the attention of two women completely focused on your body and your needs. It’s a seriously intense experience that will leave you breathless from the moment it begins to the moment it ends and even after just the memory of it will trigger your body to have the most incredible responses.

The first thing you’ll experience, once the massage is under way, is how the hands expertly synchronize to spread the lubricating oil all over your body, front and back and in very sensitive areas that might make you gasp and grab the sheets beneath you. The massage might start while you’re laying back and both girls will begin to move your sensual energy from the bottom of your feet to your neck and back down again. They’ll linger together in certain areas and then you’ll feel as how they disperse and slowly start to take their own route so you can feel the difference between them and truly feel what it’s like to have two women touching you at the same time.

The massage continues to on with them moving you on your back and then your entire body will be taken on a wild and exciting ride. Their bodies will take turns touching yours, their entire forms might be on you at a time or one might lie next to you and tickle you gently while the other performs amazing things with her hands and body. It’s an experience that unless lived is almost impossible to accurately explain. By the time you’re done you’ll find that your entire skin has been coated with their sensual touch and that your satisfaction has never known something quite like this. After the massage you might be able to linger for a while and think on the entire experience and understand why four hands is truly better than two…