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Dealing with Sexual Trauma

Tantric massages are a wonderful way to relax, connect and explore pleasure in a safe and controlled environment. During a tantric massage you get to enjoy the tantalizing joy of coming together to honor and celebrate the human body as a temple of sensual energy. One of the many benefits of this practice is that, due to the trusting and safety of the practice it can help many people deal with emotional and sexual traumas of the past.

When a person’s boundaries are so horribly violated they sometimes recoil from any sensual pleasure at all. This can further send them into a deep depression that blocks their ability to appreciate their body as temple of delight. Sensual energy is suddenly cut off and seen as something where you lose control of your own body. The teachings of Tantra, however, helps us remember that the control of our bodies, our orgasms and our emotions is always just ours. Through breathing, hand motions and allowing people to be touched again tantric massage London can be a wonderful therapy in the healing of traumas caused by sexual and emotional abuse.

By being able to share your desires, fears and boundaries related to giving and/or receiving an erotic massage you are essential taking back the control you feel you have lost. This is all done while receiving and allowing to receive sensual stimulation. At the beginning of the massage the client speaks while the other person listens, without judgment or commentary. This helps create healthy boundaries.

People often think of boundaries as stone cold walls that should never be taken down by any means. This idea, however, is flawed. During tantric sessions you’ll learn to create healthy boundaries which are actually bridges that bring people together. True intimacy and connection arises when healthy boundaries are honored. This is another healing factor when it comes to a bespoke tantric massage: You feel safe, are open and present. Boundaries can change, and you can most definitely heal from trauma. You just need to allow yourself the joy of changing and letting someone in. For more information head to http://www.bespoketantricmassage.com