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Culturally Diverse

1447035392_staff_512_56400200b1804_tnLondon is a big city and with time it’s become more and more diverse. This year London suffered a blow when people voted to leave the European Union and many media outlets blamed it on the supposed xenophobia that wanted immigrants out. This could not be further from the truth as London is culturally diverse and people love it that way. From the high end street to the more modest neighborhoods culturally diversity is not only present but it’s now integrated within our very identity.

Sure you can go out and have dinner at one of the most well-known and best regarded Asian cuisine restaurants in the world right here in the city but that’s not the only place where cultural diversity is present. In the museums many works of arts are from foreigners and they are placed proudly for people from all over the world to come and see in London. If you want to talk about cuisine you don’t need to spend a fortune to have quality foreign food that is so common now that it seems to be part of our identity. Kebab shops are all over London and the people that uphold them are just as English as the best of them and cater to an English public that loves their food. Asian markets are all over town and finding the best spices to cook a delicious meal is as easy as finding the right cut of fish for a fish and chips dinner.

The entertainment is also varied and filled with foreign influences. Now in London there are many artists that are foreign but we’re proud to claim as our own. Not only that but there are places that offer incredible healing services like acupuncture, tantric massage London services (some of the best in the world are right here in London) and yoga studios. These forms of entertainment and medicine are gaining more and more strength with time and we wouldn’t have them if it wasn’t for the beauty that is immigration and London dwellers are proud that we have so many of these options available to us.