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Tantra for Chronic Pain

When people have to deal with chronic pain tantric massages (available from agencies like Tantric Dolls, which can be found at http://www.tantricdolls.com) can be a relief not only physically but also mentally. There are plenty of articles detailing exactly how tantric massages help you deal...

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Dealing with Sexual Trauma

Tantric massages are a wonderful way to relax, connect and explore pleasure in a safe and controlled environment. During a tantric massage you get to enjoy the tantalizing joy of coming together to honor and celebrate the human body as a temple of sensual energy....

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Exploring Desires

Amongst the many benefits of a tantric massage is the safe and sensuous space it provides to explore your every fantasy and unearth your sexuality. When maintaining our physical health Westerners are quick to ignore the basest needs of our body and mind, the primal...

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Knightsbridge or bust: Why go anywhere else?


Indeed, why bother? Our Knightsbridge escorts would tell you the same, but perhaps you need some further food for thought? We’re going to tell you what’s hot in Knightsbridge on the off chance you may not have tried it yet… Beautiful, charming and deliciously upmarket....

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