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Istanbul Best Markets/Bazaars


Istanbul being one of the biggest and historical cities in Turkey it would have some huge markets, although in Turkey they call them bazaars Istanbul possess some of the best so here is a short list of the best; The Grand Bazaar  The Grand Bazaar...

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Why do men book London escorts?

A view across london

Men date escorts for a number of reasons but probably the most common reason would be the absence of emotional baggage, responsibility and the need to constantly give in to the demands of the lady. Escorts are a much better option for guys who are looking...

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The Health Benefits Which Tantric Massage Provides

London Tantric offers exquisite and exhilarating tantric massages in order for you to relax and unwind while experiencing ultimate pleasure and ecstasy. While it originated from medieval India and was used as a form of meditative yoga, it has now been translated in modern day...

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Where to take your Chelsea Escort

So recently I have been looking for the perfect place for me to take my Chelsea escort as I want somewhere we could enjoy a quite drink but if we wanted to get up and dance the night away. So it did take me some...

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Restaurants in London

A professional picture of Mercedes a London escort

If you’re in London and looking for an amazing place to get some great food, then you’re in luck, as in this article I’m going to be explaining which restaurants, in my opinion, are the best in London. All of these restaurants are some of...

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Knightsbridge or bust: Why go anywhere else?


Indeed, why bother? Our Knightsbridge escorts would tell you the same, but perhaps you need some further food for thought? We’re going to tell you what’s hot in Knightsbridge on the off chance you may not have tried it yet… Beautiful, charming and deliciously upmarket....

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Have you Ever booked a London Escort?


I have been asking around my friends recently ‘have you ever booked an escort?’ and I have to say I have been pretty surprised with the outcome of mu little survey. In short, I have been very surprised as to who as well as how...

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