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eastern European London escorts

Every day there is a new influx of escorts into London, these beautiful young ladies are coming from all over the world into one of the busiest cities, I would love to work at the airport on the checkin desk on the flights from Eastern

Europe – they must be the only flights were the number of good looking

passengers out numbers the good looking stewardesses.
Many of these lovely babe have worked in other cities in the world but London has a very large appeal, it is still one of the best places to be, our Square Mile is regarded as the financial capital of the world and every where trades off of it. The girls know that they can earn bigger money here than any where else, they also know that in London escorts are held with a very high regard and not only will the customers treat them well but the agencies will also want to keep them happy.

People forget that escorts should be kept happy, after all they are in the service industry, and if they are happy then you will leave even happier.

A very well respected escort agency in London is www.hotsexyescorts.com Because of how well respected they are they always have a great choice of new ladies and you should really check out their gallery, you will be met by a selection of blondes and brunettes like you have never seen before.

The Eastern European ladies are without doubt the best looking, you will see this when you start to look around, there are some of the ladies who live in beautiful apartments – some even live in lovely mews houses, a lot of the others stay in serviced apartments. You must remember that the rents in London are high, a small studio can cost from £2700, a two bedroom apartment £4000 and a mews house £5000, that shows you how good these girls have to be – repeat business is the key and that’s why they work so hard.

The girls also spend a great deal of money on looking good, hair, nails and clothes are the most important things for them, visit any parlor in Central London and you are sure to find at least one working girl in there.

If you are planning on seeing an escort in London then make sure that you put one of these Eastern European ladies at the top of your list and you will have

some great fun.