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2016 Geneva Motor Show Everything you need to know

If you live in Geneva like I do, there’s one annual event that grabs more headlines than any other and that is of course the Geneva motor show. It’s a time of year when all of the world’s largest motor manufacturers descend on Switzerland to showcase to the world their new projects and the cars of the future. It’s something we eagerly anticipate in Geneva and it’s an occasion we all look forward to and cherish. Of course in addition to the cars, there are also salespeople, senior executives and engineers that follow their cars to the Swiss capital. I have met many people from over the years who have enjoyed my escort Geneva service while staying here for the convention. Can you really blame them? But with so much to look to forward to in this years event here are my selections of which cars will be grabbing the headlines.

Without doubt the star attraction of this year’s Geneva motor show has been the announcement of the brand new Bugatti Chiron which is set to overtake to the Veyron as the fastest car on the planet. This 8.0 liter hyper car will set back buyers an eye watering £1.9 million but will offer an additional 55bhp on top of the Veyron, as if there wasn’t enough anyway! Named after former Bugatti racing driver Louis Chiron rumor has it that it will reach a top speed of 261mph and doing 0-60 in less than 2.5 secs. One thing we can agree on is they have compromised on the aesthetics in their quest for speed.

bugatti chiron

From one super car to another and the recently crowned coolest car manufacturer on the planet, Aston Martin who are back with their DB11 model. Its specs seem hugely inferior lined up next to the Chiron however it will only cost £154,900 mere pocket change by comparison. The DB11 is Aston’s most powerful and efficient of the entire DB series hitting 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. An extremely beautiful and welcome addition to this year’s Geneva motor show.

aston martin db 11

This year’s Geneva motor show has seen a large emphasis on green and renewable energy as the world’s leading manufactures come together to discuss and share ideas on the cars of the future. One of this year’s hot topics has been on The Hydrogen fuel cell technology. Honda will be showcasing their new model the Clarity4 which works by combining oxygen and hydrogen in order to make energy, with the only emissions being heat and water vapor. It’s still a work in progress at the moment but it could be one of the most significant steps of the 21st century in tackling the issue of our carbon emissions.

honda clarity

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